Working With People You Just Don't Get

Enjoy as a face to face 60 - 90 minute KEYNOTE or

an in house 2 - 4 hour WORKSHOP with Lynne if:


  • you have a new team who need to get to know each other

  • you have some challenges in team dynamics or

  • you're just a happy bunch but you like to take every opportunity to work more effectively together

Content includes:

  • Individual Fruit profiling to identify behavioural preferences as Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana

  • Understanding strengths and challenges of each and how this relates to the workplace

  • Strategies to communicate more effectively with others not like ourselves

Improve workplace relationships, reduce stress, increase engagement and productivity


Work with Lynne to create and develop material for your organisation to reinforce

key values and build a culture of Respect.Connect.Thrive.